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Vibrio anguillarum - the causative agent of vibriosis. In our country, vibriosis is noted in trout cage farms located in the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea.

The disease is more common in trout fingerlings. With age, the resistance of fish to vibriosis increases. When grown in marine cages, the loss of fish from the disease reaches 70-100%, in fresh water they are much lower than 4-50%. The main route of infection transmission is horizontal: food (minced meat from raw fish infected with vibrios), water, direct contact of sick fish with healthy ones.

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Clinical picture and pathogenesis. Once in the body of clonidine pills, the pathogen spreads through the bloodstream to all organs and causes septicemia. At the same time, serous-hemorrhagic inflammation and degenerative-necrotic changes develop in the organs.

The clinical picture of vibriosis varies among different fish species, but there are some common signs (hemorrhages, necrosis and ulcers on the surface of the body). In eels, hemorrhages and inflamed areas of the skin, hyperemia of the fins and anus, and the formation of ulcers on the surface of the body are observed. Rainbow trout at the beginning of the outbreak die without pronounced clinical signs. She refuses to buy clonidine pills, is inactive. Later, focal ruffling of the scales develops in sick fish, hyperemic areas and swellings 2.5–3.0 cm in size and about 0.5 cm high appear, and then dark red ulcers appear. The edges of the dorsal fin are necrotic. In some fish, an increase in the abdomen is noted.

The incubation period, depending on the water temperature, can be from 3-5 to 14 days. Vibriosis proceeds acutely, with high mortality (sometimes in the absence of external signs) or chronically. Under the influence of hemolysin produced by vibrios, anemia develops in fish. Vibriosis in yellowtail occurs with hemorrhages and necrosis of the skin and muscles, destruction of the fins, clouding and hyperemia of the eyes. Septic phenomena are noted in ayu and sea breams, ulcers and anemia appear in flounder fish, necrotic lesions of the skin, and hemorrhages in the intestines appear in saithe.

The cod is watching on the floorlight spots behind the head develop into ulcerative lesions of various sizes and generic catapres online. The affected area is surrounded by a zone of hemorrhage and covered with a gray-yellow necrotic mass. There is an accumulation of granular tissue or its necrotic decay. Some lesions are deep and look like pustules. Peritonitis is not observed, although sometimes perforation of the peritoneal cavity occurs. In some individuals, ulceration of the intestinal mucosa is noted. Internal organs look normal.

In chum salmon, pink salmon, chinook, and pike, redness is noted at the base of the fins and on the lateral surfaces of the body, necrotic areas in the muscles, small petechiae on the gill covers and in the oral cavity, hemorrhages on the body surface, turning into bloody abscesses, thrombosis of the heart muscle, gills, peritoneum, inflammation of the lower intestine. In pike, inflammation manifests itself in the hypodermis, and sometimes in the musculature and serous membrane. The liver is sometimes hyperemic, with foci of coagulating necrosis.

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  • It is put according to the results of bacteriological analysis, taking into account epizootological data, clinical signs and pathoanatomical changes.
  • The causative agent is excreted almost in pure form from the blood, liver, kidneys, spleen and from abscesses.
  • The virulence of the pathogen is determined by the results of a bioassay during intraperitoneal infection of healthy fish of susceptible species.
  • An erythrocyte antigen has been developed for express diagnostics of vibriosis.
  • At the same time, to detect antibodies, fish blood sera are examined in the agglutination reaction with erythrocyte antigen.
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Control measures and prevention. In farms unfavorable for vibriosis, restrictions are introduced and a complex of health-improving, veterinary-sanitary and organizational and economic measures is carried out. To prevent the disease, the conditions of the habitat and rearing of fish are improved. Selection and breeding work is carried out to select vibriosis-resistant spawners and fish of the repair group. Learn More

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More than 25 commercial vaccines are produced abroad, which are used to treat fish by injection, bath or feed.

In USA, a domestic anti-vibration vaccine has been created, which has been successfully tested in cage trout farms. For the treatment of fish, furazolidone, oxytetracycline, tetracycline or chloramphenicol are used. The choice of the drug, its dosage and duration of treatment are determined depending on the sensitivity of the pathogen to it, the form of the course of the disease, the age and condition of the fish, water temperature and other factors.

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